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It was a single stem, around 5 inches long. Her father would get it for her during Bihu. The flower is ubiquitous in this part of the country. For the locals, it is a symbol of love, of virility, of merriment. The dancers adorn their hair with this special pink or purple spotted white flowers. Her sensuality, … Continue reading


He joined yesterday. He would be on training for the next few months. That meant a lot of load off her shoulders. She had to single- handedly manage her department as of then. There was a shortage of staff at her workplace. She thanked the Lord for this new entrant. And so together they started … Continue reading


The day before the wedding is when the people ¬†from his family come over to her¬†place and decorate her with jewellery and robes that they bring along. Not that the bride is any the less less glittery dressed. But this entire ritual is symbolic you see. That she has to embrace new people in her … Continue reading