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The day before the wedding is when the people  from his family come over to her place and decorate her with jewellery and robes that they bring along. Not that the bride is any the less less glittery dressed. But this entire ritual is symbolic you see. That she has to embrace new people in her life: new parents, new relations, new people. The place had been beautifully decorated for the bride, there was a mirror where she could see herself being adorned by all the gold and the silk; a seat cushioned with luxurious velvet for her to sit on and an art pattern made with flour and colours kept just in front of the mirror.

A stream of invitees entered the venue slowly; invitees from the groom’s end, invitees from the bride’s side. They were warmly welcomed and made to sit in the chairs decorated with satin. Tea and snacks followed. In the bed which had been arranged for the bride was seated the mother of the groom and a few of the closest relations from both sides.

Oblivious to all this, the bride was being readied inside; in her bedroom where she had grown up and become very much the woman she had wanted to be- independent, strong, successful, beautiful. What she had the least idea of was what waited for her outside. So there she was frolicking with the camera, posing with her friend, her sister, her cousins.

And then suddenly she was summoned. She slowly climbed down the stairs, she was the same girl she was used to being, then. But as she caught sight of her mother who was in tears, an unknown fear gripped her. Why was it that her mother was weeping? It was for the first time she knew not what and how to think….What was it that was happening? There were people claiming to be her own in that wedding? But she did not know them.

She asked herself again and again. Why was it that her mother was crying. She had always made sure that no act on her part would sadden her mother. Her marriage to a person her parents approved of was also one amongst those efforts being silently made. And yet she had to witness those tears. To the girl who had been groomed amidst reason, science and logic, her whole world turned topsy turvy that instant. All the tireless efforts she had made all her life to make her mother happy collapsed that moment and no amount of logic satisfied that terrorized heart.

That her mother was crying that her daughter would be leaving her soon  was acceptable and admissible to this world that was witnessing the play there. What was not were the emotions that were separating the bride from herself; the heavy gush of thoughts that were betraying her this time

No, she was not new to the idea of parting. She had spent years away from her parents and her home when she had gone away to complete her graduation and higher studies. But what was this? Where was all her independence? Where was all her strength?Why were people adorning her with stuff she was not aware of? Why were people whom she had not heard of asking her to endure tasks that she had discarded all her life as petty or illogical. Why was she not protesting this time?

Was she succumbing to them and their tricks that she had so loathed? Or was that girl inside her dying?



About Dona

'You have to dream intentionally. Most people dream a dream when they are asleep. But to be a writer, you have to dream while you are awake'........Haruki Murakami


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