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He joined yesterday. He would be on training for the next few months.

That meant a lot of load off her shoulders. She had to single- handedly manage her department as of then. There was a shortage of staff at her workplace. She thanked the Lord for this new entrant.

And so together they started work. He would help her out in every chore that was entrusted to her. There would be jokes cracked, stories told, even songs hummed as they worked hard everyday to deliver. A strange friendship developed with this person and it filled her heart with joy, made it leap with utter glee. Often she complimented him on his special place in her life

Why did she do this but? Was it necessary to say those words?

Suddenly one fine day, he turned wrathful towards her. He would not co operate with her in any work, would reply in blunt words and complain of things against her to the boss. To this she was taken aback. What and why? Why in the world was he doing this to her? He would not care to talk to her throughout the entire day? Infact there were deliberate attempts to avoid her. There were unnecessary competitions waged within.

For her it was the moment of the greatest introspection- what went wrong? All she could remember were the warm moments shared; the helpful efforts made towards each other, the enduring moments fought together. Those were pleasant and positive ones. So what went wrong now?

She talked to a few of her close friends on this. Was it that he had feelings for her? And was it that she had been subtly encouraging them all this time, unknowingly. No that could not be so. She had had good friendship with boys before and she would always chat and converse with them in this manner. So what could be different this time?

Yes it was. For this was no longer her college days. It was necessary to understand. To understand that there could be a lot of unknown emotions seeking fulfillment, lost love seeking shelter, unnamed relationship seeking existence. It was necessary to understand and protect oneself from the same. It was not enough in being straightforward oneself. It was also necessary to be that vigilant enough to understand the intention in others and to steer clear of it when need be.

She looked at the blank wall in front of her, inside her room. Reminiscence of all the wonderful days in her college when she had frolicked with her friends and flirted with the boys in her group. She had always known how to flirt intelligently, with clear intentions which were reciprocated in the same wavelength. A tear slipped and fell. It spoke of her heavy heart. This person had adulterated the pure feeling of oneness and friendship that she had been conveying to him. He had traded it for something that made her heart tremble at the slightest thought of it.

She felt anger and vengeance and hatred. Yet she decided to forgive him. Forgive him because she knew her strength lay in the fact that she had been clear in her intentions all along. She needed to start again the next day with full vigor in her and a lot of love for herself.

There was no place to hide, nowhere to run. She had to stay right there and witness those games being played, sentiments being misconstrued just to reinvent herself and become what she truly and honestly was.


About Dona

'You have to dream intentionally. Most people dream a dream when they are asleep. But to be a writer, you have to dream while you are awake'........Haruki Murakami


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